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Moving freight can be a time consuming process. Trying to locate a carrier with the right equipment, who wants to go to your particular destination consistently, is a challenge that can consume hours of staff time.

We also strive to spoil not only our customers, but our customers customers.  Meaning the locations our customers tell us to pick up from or deliver to are also communicated with in detail.  This helps our shippers maintain loyalty with their clients and helps keep the door closed on competition.

NASCARGO handles all of the details of logistics.  

  • Finding the right equipment for your shipment that can meet shipment requirements (i.e. load is HAZ MAT or oversized)
  • Tracking the load pre to post pick up and delivery
  • We make sure the shipment is loaded correctly within DOT guidelines

  • Delivery appointments are made at destination
  • Provide you with shipping documents including BOL, POD, and scale tickets on each load.
  • your merchandise is delivered to your customer exactly when they need it
  • We maintain copies of all documents on file for 36 months just in case you need a replacement.
  • We  obtain all copies of the carriers DOT License, Insurance and Authority.
  • We pay all carriers in your behalf for your shipment. This saves our customers money and time.
  • We will keep you informed of the progress of your shipment and make sure your customers are served in a very professional manner.
NASCARGO only uses trucking companies that conform to our exacting standards.
  • Each must demonstrate a commitment to service excellence, quality equipment and rate integrity.
  • Carriers must maintain the highest DOT safety rating to operate within our network. 
  • NASCARGO maintains contracts, insurance certificates and other pertinent documentation on all NASCARGO transportation carriers to ensure your financial concerns are covered.
  • Each carrier must have $1,000,000 in liability insurance coverage and a minimum of $100,000 in cargo coverage.
  • All carriers that are approved under our heavy haul division must maintain $1,000,000 in cargo and $1,000,000 in liability coverage. Additional coverage is available upon request.

This is why shippers choose NASCARGO. One call is all it takes to find the exact truck you need, when you need it.

Catering to the Carrier
NASCARGO - Need A Truck? Call Us 800-548-4885
There are many reasons our shippers and carriers choose  NASCARGO time and again. The most common reason is that customers like us. NASCARGO is made up of folks who are all known as being good people.

  • We communicate with you along the way.
  • We alert the driver if there are any special details.
  • We schedule the correct equipment for the load.  No surprises.
  • Delivery appointments are made for the driver at the destination.
  • We provide our shippers with shipping documents including BOL, POD, and scale tickets on each load. 
  • NASCARGO pays all carriers for the shipment. This saves our customers money and time, and gets you paid faster.

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