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There are many reasons our clients choose to move their freight with NASCARGO. The most common reason is that customers like us. NASCARGO is made up of folks who are all known as being good people.
Our primary goal is to achieve customer satisfaction through attentive customer service, which is achieved by simply talking to and updating our customers.
NASCARGO is the single source contact for all of your ground transportation shipping and trucking needs. Our freight trucking programs are structured with your heavy hauling needs and financial protection foremost in mind.

The resources of our network of contracted long haul and flatbed trucking companies, along with the experience, stability and integrity of NASCARGO, ensure a high level of service at competitive rates.

NASCARGO handles all of the details of logistics. From finding theNASCARGO - Need A Truck? Call Us 800-548-4885 right equipment, to tracking the load pre to post pick up and delivery. Delivery appointments are made and your merchandise is delivered to your customer exactly when they need it. We specialize in JIT, Just In Time deliveries. One phone call to NASCARGO is all it takes to move your product.

NASCARGO has working relationships with Thousands of carriers running all 48 states. Need your item shipped to the Great Nation of Canada, call us. We love working with Canadian shipping companies. Does your product need to move to our Southern Neighbors in Mexico? Let NASCARGO coordinate the shipment for you.

NASCARGO saves our shippers both time and money.

When you call to order a truck, we immediately go to work on your shipment. If your shipment is critical and must move now, call us. NASCARGO will find you the right truck to fit your needs. We will dispatch the driver and provide driver with pick up instructions. We will arrange the delivery for your shipment.NASCARGO - Need A Truck? Call Us 800-548-4885 Your shipment is tracked from the time it is picked up until it delivers. We provide good communication to you during the process.

NASCARGO provides our shippers with shipping documents including BOL, POD, and scale tickets on each load. NASCARGO maintains copies of all documents on file for 36 months just in case you need a replacement.

NASCARGO is responsible for: Location of carrier that can meet shipment requirements (i.e. load is HAZ MAT or oversized). We are licensed by the US Dept. of Transportation to act in your behalf as your properties broker. We obtain all copies of the carriers DOT License, Insurance and Authority. NASCARGO pays all carriers in your behalf for your shipment. This saves our customers money and time.


Communication - We tell it like it is. If there is bad news we tell you. But we also will offer other solutions to offset the bad news with some good news. We will keep you informed of the progress of your shipment and make sure your customers are served in a very professional manner.

NASCARGO - Need A Truck? Call Us 800-548-4885We make sure: The correct equipment is used, the driver is aware of any special details, the shipment is loaded correctly within DOT guidelines, appointments for deliveries are set, any problems are documented and you are informed immediately.

We save you time - All you need do is place one phone call to us. We take care of all the details of getting the right piece of equipment for your loads.

These are only a few reasons why our customers have chosen NASCARGO to move their freight. Call us so that we can discuss a plan of action tailored to meet your exact needs. Please call us today and let us better describe what we can do for your company.

You can reach NASCARGO toll free at 800-548-4885.

NASCARGO is open from 7:30A to 5:00P M-F CST.

NASCARGO is closed most national holidays.

You can email the Director of NASCARGO Philip Dickson by clicking the link below.
Email: Phil

NASCARGO is a registered corporation est 2003. The legal name of NASCARGO is: North American Specialized Cargo, Incorporated.

Contact NASCARGO at:

Voice 800-548-4885

The DUNS Number for NASCARGO is 14-667-9829

The US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration License Number of NASCARGO is: 469412-B.

This license is evidence of NASCARGO's authority to engage in operations, in interstate or foreign commerce, as a broker, arranging for transportation of freight (except household goods) by motor vehicle.


Established in 2003 , NASCARGO has achieved a national impact proudly serving customers in all 50 states.   

Future Goals
Simply to be the best at what we do.  We are not big.  We are not a major corporate player after the bottom line.  We just care about our customers.  Sometimes that is enough.

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